Negative Effects Of Social Media On Youth

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In today’s society, social media has become a buzzword. Not only has it gained popularity, it has been accepted into mainstream culture. Social media is a web-based service, with a large online community. Websites and applications allow users to create and share content as well as participate in social networking. Assuming that all aged 15 to 35 have social media accounts, youths are undoubtedly actively involved in online communities. Even though social media allows youths to stay connected and interact with one another, it also has its negative impacts. Social media negatively impacts learning, and brings about signs of possible long-term psychological disorders in youths. Thus, I agree with the statement that social media is the ruination of the young generation.

Firstly, social media affects students’ learning negatively. Addiction to social media sites distracts youths and prevents them from fully concentrating on their studies. Students who try to multi-task by constantly going onto social media sites while studying, resulted in weaker academic performance, as their capability to focus on their work is drastically reduced by the distractions caused by
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Youths who feel lonely tend to spend more time on social media sites for entertainment and boredom relief, rather than make new friends in real life and interact face-to-face. This is because they spend an excessive amount of time on social media sites, and very little time socializing in person. Other than nonverbal cues, such as tone and inflection, there is no use of body language when interacting with people via social media sites. As a result, it is difficult for youths who communicate via social networking sites very frequently to communicate in person in an efficient way, and tend to develop antisocial behaviours, such as self-centeredness, self-consciousness, depression and inferiority, as well as anxiousness and discomfort in social

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