Negative Effects Of Internet Essay

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This has reference to your article titled “Positive effects of internet have been very Profitable” published on the web portal You opine that internet has a positive effect on everyone and is very helpful, however I feel that it has many drawbacks as well which can harm the users and have negative impacts, both mentally and physically.

In your article, you have mentioned that “we depend on it more ways than one”, I anticipate that everyone shouldn’t be fully dependent on the internet as we humans will stop thinking and just rely on the web for everything. There can also be cases of students cheating and plagiarizing for their individual assignment and exams as well which can lead to academic fraud. I also feel not everyone in
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Communication using the internet might be fast and time saving but even communication has its own negative effects. The negative impact is addiction. Chatting too much and always checking social media too much can not only lead to addiction but also wasting your precious time. This has more impact on children than on adults as children tend to spend more time on gadgets as compared to adults due to which, they aren’t able to spend enough time on studies. Addiction and overuse of the internet and devices can lead to insomnia. Insomnia is when someone is not able to get proper sleep, because of the internet, many students tend to play games and chat till late night with friends and aren’t able to get sufficient sleep. This is very harmful as it can affect their health. This condition not only affects the mental growth but also the physical growth. Addiction to the internet has also lead to users specially teens and kids to become lazy and hesitant towards face to face communication in their families. Kids and teens spend any hours playing games, listening to music or visiting their favourite websites without even caring about studies, work or even going out for other activities. This seriously affects their mental and physical health as they are always using gadgets and not getting physically active. This can further cause obesity and and other …show more content…
The cyber bullies often expose and demoralize these victims. They are harassed and have to face serious embarrassments and they usually don’t share their experiences with anyone. As a result, this might lead to suicide. Teens are freely accessing the internet but there are many bad webs which can affect their mind and also have a physical and psychological impact on them.

To conclude, I would like to say that the use of the internet in the right way, at the right time, for the right purpose gives you a lot of benefits in all aspects without opposite effects. In order to identify and prevent potential threat on the internet for youth and adolescents, they need to understand the nature of the internet. The positive effects of the internet can overweigh the negative ones but users must learn to use the internet wisely and everyone must be aware of the problems one can face.


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