Negative Communication In The Workplace

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Today 's diverse communication technologies have given the working community a whole multitude of ways they can communicate effectively. In addition to writing letters, making phone calls and meeting face-to-face, today 's business people can send text messages, leave social media posts, send instant messages or email their recipients. Therefore, employers need to draw up policies that mandate how communication media should be used. For instance, employers need to establish if there is some information that should never be communicated via text messages, such as firing or disciplinary action. Employers should also make a decision whether all communication media are appropriate for all listeners. Some employers may pronounce that employees are not to text message clients, or that all communications with human resources should be made in writing. Workplace policies are nothing new. Long before cell phones and social media, companies had policies pertaining to a number of personal communication employees could involve in …show more content…
While many of the essentials are deliberately started, for example, employee slander, other elements happens without any intent of bad blood, such as mistakenly relying upon incomplete information. The communication is necessary for sustaining a productive workplace. By recognizing the impact of negative communication in the workplace, you can refine policies that help to decrease the dilemma and advocate positive communication. Negative communication, whether planned or not, can have an effect on staff morale. Repeated deliberate negative communication can add stress in the workplace and that makes it hard to create a productive work environment. Accidental negative communication can be excused up to a point, but when it becomes constant, it can lead to a drop in staff confidence in the

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