Navy Seals Personal Statement

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My initial interest in the naval service was inspired by the sacrifices of the men and women serving our country. In order for our freedoms to remain intact, I think it is important for young graduates to continue the tradition of serving the United States of America; however, it is equally important to receive a prestigious education. These alumni should show a developed character and firmly established integrity as well.
My interest to serve my country began at an incredibly early age as I watched my mother put on her uniform each and every day, as a member of the Air National Guard. My mother has served our remarkable country for twenty-nine years, and her father retired as a Colonel from the Air National Guard after forty years of service. In 2013, I read Lone Survivor which truly sparked my interest in the Navy. These men paid the ultimate sacrifice for their nation, and this unconditional love for country drew me even closer to wanting to serve my country. I then read American Sniper and decided to write my U.S. History term paper on the history of Navy SEALs. The pride I have for these special operators is immeasurable and I understand the importance of 'never giving up' when you
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Exemplar service programs that I contributed with were Swing for Laurie’s Kids, a tennis program intended for people with a mental handicap; as well as Top Soccer, a soccer camp for individuals with a mental impairment. Athletically I have counseled my tennis coach with player placement, in addition to being a judge at a cross-fit competition known as the Battle of the Boxes. At school I undertake the task of managing the library, and actively assist with student council projects such as: collecting donations for servicemen, wrapping shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child, and placing and removing homecoming

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