Nature Vs Nurture Influence On Development

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The debate of nature verses nurture arises as psychologist discuss the concern to which extent heredity and environment contribute to development and behavior. Nurture is what is already wired within a person due to genetic inheritance and biological factors. Nature is the environment contributing to behavior and development. When someone supports intelligence as coming from nature verses nurture, they believe that the right environment, access to material resources, and opportunities can lead to higher I.Q. scores. I believe both nature and nurture have an effect on development. To me heredity and environment cannot act independently, they must intertwine. Children are wired in certain ways and get lots of traits from their parents, but they …show more content…
He states that humans can have up to seven different forms of intelligence including, linguistic intelligence, logical-mathematical intelligence, visual intelligence, bodily intelligence, musical intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, and intrapersonal intelligence. This can be applied to the classroom through varied instruction methods and assessments. I can teach a lesson by dividing the class into small groups, and assigning them hands on activities. For example a lesson on lines of symmetry, I can give the students verbal and written instructions and demonstrate how they will use ribbon to find the line of symmetry on different objects. The children can do this in groups of four and support and help one another. To incorporate technology to my lesson I can incorporate a video on what symmetry is and what makes an object symmetric. This lesson maximizes the chance of my students achieving their full intellectual potential. David Perkins believed that intelligent thinking and behavior are contingent on the physical and social support people have. I can apply this theory in my classroom by assigning my students an environmental science project. The students will work in pairs at home with parent support to build a model of a water cleansing system. The students can use research and statistics to decide in what country, city, or state their filtration systems should be used and why. This project will have them use physical objects, symbolic systems, and have the students work with peers and parents to help them solve a

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