Narrative Essay - Unforgettable Moment

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Unforgettable Moment
Today I will be writing a narrative essay about unforgettable moment of my life.And that moment is when my uncle texted me on facebook and says “RIP to dad” I thought he was talking about his dad, so I called my husband and the minute he said “ Hun do not cry” I knew it. It was my dad that passed way. My father was the most caring, loving father that anybody could ask for. When I was six years old I went to my dad and said “ Daddy I want to go to school “ but the school that i want to go was a private school and my dad could not afford it. So at that moment he did not tell me no but he took me to the school and they said i was to young. My father build a little room that looks like a classroom and he said “do not worry I build you, your own school just for you my dear”. Even though he did not know much english, he taught me how to write and read somali. And for me all I want it was school weather it was english or somali. He did whatever that was his power to make sure that I was happy. I was the second oldest child and my father make me that I was his first child, as they say they treat the first child better that the second one , and I always come to him if I had problems. My father and I was every close.One day my father got sick and he could not be my teacher. I went to his room and start crying and he said “ why are you crying dear” and I said because you won 't be able to be my teacher anymore. And than he said “ it is okay dear just go…

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