Personal Narrative: The Struggle Of Kindergarten

The Struggle of Kindergarten
Have you ever sat through class, staring deep into the clock and building up hopes with every click of the clock’s hand that the bell would finally ring, freeing you from your misery? I was like that in kindergarten, I didn't want to be in class, I just wanted to go home and play. For me, kindergarten is the most difficult grade, coming from a family who spoke only Spanish, learning to read and write in English was very difficult and frustrating, but this helped me overcome my very first challenge.
In class, I was that quiet student who wouldn't talk to anyone. I knew a few words in English because my older cousins would teach me but it wasn't enough. When we were learning the ABC’s, I learned fairly fast, but
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I could communicate well with others and every subject was easy for me, but reading was still difficult for me. Great! Now more reading homework. I would go home and do my homework with my Dad and I still wasn't a good reader, I had created a habit of reading based off of the illustrations. One day in class Mrs. Bolmer asked “Who read the book assigned yesterday?” and of course I did my homework so I raised my hand. Mrs. Bolmer then asked me to retell what I had read. So I did, I told her my version of the story, the story I made up in my head. My classmates began to laugh at me because what I told Mrs. Bolmer was nothing like what they had read at that point I felt crushed. Mrs. Bolmer asked “Did you read the story last night?”. I responded by nodding my head “yes” trying not to start crying. The next day I told my Mom I didn't want to go to school. I couldn't tell her the reason why I would rather stay home. I was ashamed and I couldn't find a way to tell her that. I was forced to go to school that day. I cried on the way to school. When we arrived, my Mom got off and walked me into the school. She gave me a hug and told me “Que tengas un dia bueno y divertido, te vio en la tarde” (“I hope you have a fun and a good day. I will see you later”). I didn't want to let go I wanted to go back home with her, I didn't want to stay because my classmates were going to laugh at me. Sure enough they started to bully …show more content…
Mrs. Bolmer didn't know, but she assured my Mom that she would watch me closely. My Mom believed that I was getting bullied by my classmates, and well Mom was right. Mom took the opportunity to ask Mrs. Bolmer, how I was going with my reading. Mrs. Bolmer asked if I was doing my homework, Mom replied “Yes, but my husband and I are seeing her struggle with her reading”. Mom later explained how I would read based off of the illustrations because that was the way I was taught in kindergarten. Mom explained to Mrs. Bolmer, that it was very hard for them to help me with my homework because they hardly knew any English and they had no idea how they could help me learn correctly. Mrs. Bolmer then found a better solution to my problem. She gave me two recorded tapes, with flashcards. So I could read the flashcard while I listened to the pronunciations off the recorded

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