The Importance Of Volunteer Work

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Volunteer Work
I have completed over 120 hours of volunteer work. Volunteering has always been important to me because although you don’t receive monetary compensation you do get a certain satisfaction from helping others and putting them first instead of yourself. The experience you gain from volunteering is more valuable than any amount of money because it expands your capabilities and gives you knowledge that is necessary for being successful in life and your career.
• SAN FELIPE DE NERI SCHOOL – I volunteered over 40 hours with the afterschool program for children whose parents could not pick them up immediately after school, The program gave the children a safe place to play or do homework until their parents could pick them up. I helped monitor the children and make sure they stayed in the
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Which included inspecting the vehicles for damage, filling out reports when there was damage, checking that the customer either prepaid for gas or filled the tank on their own, and charging them when they did not fill up. I was also responsible for solving a customer’s issues and making sure that the company left the customer satisfied and willing to do business with us again in the future.
Counter Technician, TLC Plumbing and Utility
July 2015 – Present
While working for TLC I have gained experience in all aspects of the construction industry, from planning to operations. I have learned how to operate a wide variety of heavy equipment including loaders, dozers, backhoes etc. I have created a network of equipment rental yards as I am often called upon to rent heavy equipment. I have gained experience hauling heavy equipment and repairing it. I have also gained experience with both MIG and TIG welding. However the most important thing I have learned is how to be part of an efficient team.
Central New Mexico Community College (CNM), Albuquerque,

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