Iraq First Mission Narrative Essay

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Subject : Iraq first mission

First "LIFE" Mission : Life Over In The Box.

No one ever knows the true story of unsung missions of soldiers over in Iraq ;the war that this generation vividly remembers. Weather it was your family or friends in your neighborhood some stories go untold. This story is one of those stories.
04:20:2003 Baghdad, Iraq Saddam's Palace. Laying on a green cot , on a hot palace roof top voicing in my head to myself as I look up in the galaxy blue star exploding sky like "I can't believe I'm in war. I can't believe I'm scared. I can't believe there are bullets popping off from a distance that I can hear even writing this pictured
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We pull our track vehicles in three sixty security around this one story house. In my head I'm pondering, how is fourteen men is going to live in a three bedroom single floor house with no electricity and no running water? What the hell, were in war, what the hell did you expect? Trying not to break down we unloaded our bags and it was four soldiers to a room plus the open liven room housed five more people. Sergeant Mitch yells out " you guys got fifteen minutes to eat your chow and prepare for the next mission." Chow is food, food is MRE (meals ready to eat). I had was so hungry I ate the MRE and forgot what I just tasted. As I place my ruck sack down to rest for a second my platoon heard a lot of commotion outside. I thought it was just some of the soldiers playing around until I heard Arabic being thrown left and right. As I walk out the door with my weapon at the low ready, there was a bunch of local nationals or Iraqi civilians at the gate demanding that we speak to them about the terrorist that's inside the university men's side. Our interpreter was a local national working with us named "Ricky." Ricky looked like Ricky Martin at the time but I thought he looked like Scooby do. Ricky told us that the locals said the terrorist are holding the men's side hostage and that they have local woman and children with them as well. Ricky also said they know were at this specific location and that we should leave immediately. My platoon didn't take kind to threats that you probably wouldn't be able to keep during war. Sergeant Mitch was so pissed off his face turned into a red connect four piece. Get the hell in formation now, sergeant Mitch yelled ; it's time to roll in these bitch's. I was so hype,I finally get to use my weapon to defend the flag, to defend my country, to defend

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