Golden Egg Research Paper

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On a scruffy winters morning, I decided to crack through my egg after the 21 days of beginning in there. I cracked it open with beak it was kinda difficult at first but I eventually got through the egg. I hopped out of the egg and started to talk to my parents . They realized I was a special kind of egg cause I showed up late out of the egg. My brothers and sisters were already out of the egg and have already been 4 days old. They seemed to be weirded out but still took me as one of them. Growing up was easy on the farm, all we did was sit around, sit in the nest, and play with each other. But the only tough part was the terrible winters. Temperatures were below freezing, we couldn't leave the chicken house, but worst of all was the rotten …show more content…
It seemed like I was in some sort of aged castle with all the cobblestone walls. The room was dark but the door was just wide enough open I could see to the other rooms. I saw the giant eating what seemed like to be a massive steak but who knows where he got the chunk of meat. He ended up passing out and falling asleep right where he was. Man this sucked, I couldnt even move in this cage, I'm starving, and this pile of golden eggs is really building up in the back of the cage. But all of a sudden I see a little boy skamper pass the giant and grab a bag of a gold. I didn't know what to do. I didn't want to yell to the boy cause the giant would wake up but it was my only chance of getting out of here so I started to yell, “HELP! HELP ME!”. The boy looked back with the sack of gold over his shoulder and just gave me a quick glimpse and ran off. The giant ended up waking up from his nap right when the boy left. He started to look for his sack of gold but he got frustrated and angry and started to throw and break everything. So he ran to me and started to yell, “You better start making more the 10 eggs a day!” I sat there scared spooked and shook and said, “Yes sir.” So the giant turned turned around and for some reason started to eat again. I thought to myself he must eat when he gets mad and frustrated. The giant ended up eating a big bowl of soup and after done eating it sat there slumped in his seat.

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