Personal Narrative: My AP Language Classroom

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When I get to my AP Language class I look around the classroom that has a homey feel to it. Curtains drape over the cold foggy windows in royal red, rimmed with gold shimmering colors. A lamp is turned on, creating a soft glow in the room while the warm smell of pumpkin pie is enough to make it hell for a sleep deprived person to stay awake.

I walk to the back of the classroom, and sit exactly in the middle. Then I put my head down, and wait for class to start. While waiting for time to go by, I almost drift to sleep until a person sits next to me. They shift in their seat towards my direction and I hear them jump in their chair.

"Oh hey, your new," A girl wiggles in her seat from excitement. I lift my head up to see her gray eyes become perfect circles. "And cute." She says and bites her lip while twirling a piece of hair. My eyebrows raise and I fumble with
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"Rei?" Cassie calls me back and I act as if nothing happened. "Uh sorry, I was spacing out. I left because I wanted a change of scenery." I lie, and smile to clear her suspicions.

And she felt for it, saying "Seaside is a pretty school I guess."

Seaside really is a pretty school. Forest trees cradles the back of the campus while the ocean roars to the right of it. The architectures probably planned to put up a lot of windows because the scenery around the school is enchanting. It 's a lot better than Hammer Head High which is surrounded by tall looming city buildings.

Before Cassie can ask me anymore questions, the teacher of the classroom walks in with a big bag, and all the guys stop talking to admire the teacher 's curves with her golden hair spilling over her shoulders "Hi, class. Sorry that I am late. My cat snuggles was being a turd this morning, and wouldn 't come down from my tree in the backyard."

When she sets her bag down that contains some heavy books she walks up to the front of the classroom. She turns to the side and rolls her hair into a bun and sticks a pencil through

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