Mirabella Monologue

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Mirabella POV “Turn that light off!” I scream at my little brother Mason, while covering my head with my pillow. “Mom says to get your butt out bed now or else she will come up here and kick it for you,” he screeches like the little banshee he is and runs out of the room. I groan in disgust and let myself fall out of bed onto the floor, my muscles not bothering to cooperate. But I digress and continue getting ready for the day. My black hair goes up into a bun, jeans are thrown on, and a burgundy sweater on top. Ten minutes of make-up later I am finally ready to face the she-devil herself. “Good morning mother,” I bitterly state, not bothering to even look at her knowing her face is full of disgust at me and begin packing my backpack for the day “You little brat,” she says, but slightly slurred as 7AM is a normal time for her …show more content…
Yay… I get to school around 7:45am the time my best friend, who I wish was my girlfriend, Mirabella tries to get here every day but fails miserably. I cannot help but laugh at her disheveled state as she comes off the bus. “Hey Mirabella!” I yell trying to get her attention through the crowd of people. I swear the girl must have bat-like hearing because she heard it, even with everyone on the campus yelling at one another. She runs over to me and I open my arms for my daily morning hug. “Hi Ross, did you finish the math assignment for Mrs. Smith yet?” she asks me. “Nope, but guess what I just got?” she obviously doesn’t want to respond, so I say excitedly “the new Xbox! You should come over soon so I can crush you in Battle of the Demons!” “In your dreams, you may be better in school than me, but I always demolish you in video games,” she laughs at me with her sarcastic wit coming through. I always loved that she was never afraid to say what she thinks. That and she likes to play video games, I always lose because she is more technologically intelligent than I

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