It Was The Summer Of 1963

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It was the summer of 1963. The Johnson’s family just moved to Montgomery, Alabama. It was a two bedroom, one bathroom brick house. The Johnson’s family knew with the new integration laws from Brown v. Board of Education, Tyrone and his brother Travis could get a better education.

One week into the move, trouble began for the Johnson’s family. They were the only African-American family in the neighborhood.

Mrs. Johnson yelled, “Dinner’s ready!” Tyrone and Travis quickly rushed from the room they shared to the dark brown wooden table to eat. On the table was mashed potatoes, ham, and macaroni & cheese. Mr. Johnson just getting to the table and said, “Dinner looks delicious, let 's eat.”

Suddenly there was a loud sound of multiple horseshoes clicking the pavement outside. You heard multiple men chattering. Just as Tyrone was about to look outside of the window. You could hear a loud yell outside “That 's the house!”

A group of men outside threw three bricks into the house breaking the living room window. Tyrone’s mother yelled “Tyrone!” Tyrone was cut on his forehead by a brick that hit him. Tyrone felt the blood rushing from his head. His mother used her green dress to stop the blood that was pouring out from his forehead. She stated with tears rushing down her face “Mama 's here to protect you, everything’s going to be alright.” Out of anger, Mr. Johnson bolted through the kitchen door outside and yelled, “Get the HELL away from my property!” The group of men laughed and

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