Narrative Essay On Animal Shelter

Narrative Essay
One bright and sunny afternoon Suzie and her mother were in the car going down the busy highway and Suzie decided that she wanted to go visit the animal shelter. At first, Suzie’s mother didn't want to go because she had just put down a dog that she had for fourteen years, but she ended up giving in. When they walked into the animal shelter, there were many dogs barking and howling from the door slamming behind them. Of course, there were other people inside looking for an animal to adopt or putting up a flyer saying they lost one.
At first, Suzie just wanted to look for a dog, that she could have her own because her parents already had a dog to follow them around everywhere they went. Suzie knew that all the dogs at the shelter
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She didn't really like big dogs because they were too loud and chewed up everything, little did she know that medium sized dogs were just as bad. Suzie’s mom used to work at the animal shelter that they were visiting, Suzie basically grew up there she was always in the “cat” room as a child. She would always go in there and put cats onto the top of her head for no absolute reason, she learned the hard way not to do that anymore after she got a ringworm on her head, causing a bald spot of her head for awhile. Although Suzie now had a strong hatred for cats because of her childhood experiences. Suzie used to have a Chinese Crested as a dog, but he soon grew too old and had to be put down. Her mom said that she wasn’t going to get another dog for a while from the loss of her favorite one.
Suzie was still just walking through the shelter hoping to find a dog so she would have something/someone to follow her around all the time and something to take care of. Suzie knew that all the dogs in this shelter had been through a lot of loneliness that’s why she wanted one so badly, not so only she felt good about doing good but actually doing good for the dog. Suzie already had a puppy but her father bought the dog as a present for her for Christmas. Bella, the dog she already had, was bought from a dog breeder in

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