Narrative Essay: New Beginnings Are Always The Hardest

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New Beginnings are Always the Hardest
New beginnings are always hard. That is what I always say when I start with a new thing. For example, when I joined the English Language Program. In my first day, I was nervous and started asking myself how I could be a good listener, speaker, reader and writer? Then, my mom and dad motivated me by telling me that no matter how hard it seems, it will get easier with time if you will work hard. However, the most difficult classes I faced in the English Language Program were the writing classes because I knew that I am bad at brainstorming and taking notes.
The reason that I did not practice myself to do all the writing process such as brainstorming, summarizing, quotation, and editing. Even though, back
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It is a really huge city that allows me to write as much as I can. It changes my writing feelings, and it makes me excited to start writing. I was describing how it is beauty, and how it appeals the visitors from the entire world. I had three pages and a half, I was happy to write all that. Also, I was surprising how I wrote the three pages and half. When I submitted my first draft, I was excited to see the feedback from my teacher. At the same time, I was wondering if I did a good job or not. After three days, she gave me my papers with a B grade and a happy face. She said “It is a really great job when you do your first draft assignment, and you get B. It is just few mistakes when you fix them you will get A.” At the same day when I went to my home, directly I started fixing my mistakes, which were few. I was really happy to hear that from her. That was encouraging me and pushing me forward to write more. She made me excited for the next writing assignment. Also, she told me if I want to be a good writer, I have to read more and …show more content…
On the other hand, I was wrong when I red Shannon Nichols article Proficiency. She inspired me and made me think that her message in her article similar to what my parents said to me about the hard things in the beginnings. And started to not be worried about what I write in all my first drafts. According to Nichols, in her article Proficiency she said, “Obviously all my English teachers and many others enjoyed or at least appreciated my writing. A poem I wrote was put on television once”(37). My experience was to listen and read the lyrics of the song to know what the singer means in his song and what the message is that he wants the listener or the reader to know. It was all in slang and I found writing songs similar to what writers do. I have always wanted to learn how to write songs so people can love what I write, but I found out that I am a bad writer and singer unfortunately. However, I still believe that I can be, I will not give up on what I want and I find it a hobby so I should not be aware about it in my college

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