Narrative Essay About Winter Break

Hailey Rogers, Veronica Reece, and Ashley Rodrigues go to lubbock high school, and they are sophomores this year. They are all best friends and they are always with each other. They have been friends since they were in 4th grade. There parents are also good close friends like their children.

It was the first day coming back from winter break. When you come back to school from winter break there are sometimes more new kids then their is when it's the 1st day of school. Hailey, veronica, and ashley were not able to see each other on the winter break. Hailey went out of town, and ashley went with her grandma the whole time. Knowing that they did not get to see each other today was going to be good because it was the first time they
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She finally said the new kid. Hailey asked her what new kid there's a lot of them. Veronica said his name is Josh and i sit next to him during 1st period. Hailey said he isn't that bad looking. The rest of the recess they went to go play basketball and Josh was over on the court playing to so Veronica stepped up her game when she was playing. Recess was finally over so they went to there next class and they all had the next three classes together. The last period class they didn't have together but after school they always met by Ashley’s locker. After school they all went to ashley's house and they had a snack and fisited. Hailey brought up the Veronica liking Josh thing. She said she really liked him so ashley told veronica she would talk to Josh tomorrow. She was scared to let her talk to him. She said yes but she was very scared to say it. They went home an hour later. The next day they went to Hailey’s locker and then went to class. When Veronica was walking to 1st period she asked Ashley if she was still gonna ask her. Ashley said if you want me to. Veronica said yes, but happy and scared at the same time. When 1st period started they started to work on the partner project which …show more content…
He said “oh hey my name is Josh and what did you need to talk about”. So she just started to talk about Veronica and josh accidentally yelled out and asked does she like me. She said why do you ask? He said well because she cute and really funny. So ashley said well why don't you try to talk to her after school she walks home maybe you can walk with her and get to know her. Josh asked her “are you sure idk if she will want to. Ashley told him don't worry she won't mind at all. He was like ok thanks and had a real big smile. Next period was athletics and Veronica was worried what they talked about and what he told ashley. So when they were in athletics Ashley told Veronica what he said and she was excited about the news. Finally it was time to go home and Josh found Veronica and they talked on there way home and when Josh had to walk down his block he said i have to go this way but you can snap chat me and she said ok let me have your snapchat and i will text you so he gave her his snapchat and they texted all night. They talked at school every day for 3 weeks. One day when they were walking home he asked her out and she said yes. When they started dating Veronica kinda ignored hailey and Ashley. They would ask Veronica everyday if she wanted to do

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