Scholarship Essay: My Life In High School

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When I Was in high school, our school offered a scholarship to seniors that are going to graduate, and we will get around $1,500 if we win it. The scholarship’s named was Alumni Scholarship and it was given out to students who had G.P.A of 3.5 or higher. For that scholarship, we had to write a what getting this scholarship mean to us and what we did during high school. The deadline date was on March 23, and we had to turn it in before 3 p.m. Even though I turned it exactly on 3 p.m, I didn’t get the scholarship.
It was a sunny day afternoon when the school announced about Alumni Scholarship. Me and a couple of friends were sitting at our iPass class. When we heard the news about the scholarship, we were extremely excited. The school announced about the scholarship at the beginning of March. So, they gave us
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Let’s not worry about it.”
Then we quickly headed to Physical Education class, which is our last class of the day. We played basketball and we forgot everything we talked about after that. The next day, I totally forgot the scholarship since I was an oblivious person.
Two weeks have passed since then and our iPass teacher reminded us to finish the scholarship during iPass. iPass is a class where we can do our homework and stuff, it’s similar to studyhall.
I was like, “ I still have two weeks left, I’ll finish it on time.” Then, I asked a couple of my friends if they already did it or not. Some of them already turned it in, and some don’t. So I told myself to take it easy and relax. However, it wasn’t like I imagined. Time flew as fast as a speed of light, and I felt like two weeks have gone in a second. It was wednesday afternoon, and the deadline day. I just remembered that I still haven’t finish the essay during Spanish class. I had only an hour to finish the essay. As soon as the class finished, I quickly ran into my Pre-Calculus class, where I usually stayed after school and do my homeworks. I was almost out of breathe, by the time I got

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