Knights Of Columbus Scholarship Essay

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The knights of Columbus should consider me, Emily Rosales for this scholarship since my utmost aspiration is to follow the mission that God has given to me by helping my neighbors with dignity and respect. My mission began as an altar server when I received my first Holy Communion “The Body of Christ” at Holy Cross Catholic Church in 2009. Then as an usher which lasted for a year volunteered in the EDGE program for three years, and participated in the Vacation bible study for a week during summer in 2014. Currently, I am still an altar serving and Eucharistic Minister. In addition, I volunteered for a year at mesa public library, where I organized the books in the right place, I helped customers get their library card, helped kids and even …show more content…
Furthermore, I helped at skyline high school where I was a part of the CCL or coyote connection leader in my junior year. In this club, I was an ambassador for skyline which means that I would help new students get familiar with the school, in this club we all organize and are part of the freshman boot camp and the senior graduations. At Smith, junior high school, I was awarded the honor roll for an outstanding achievement for keeping a GPA of 3.5 of the above for both seventh and eighth-grade year. As a 7th grade, I was nominated for the Junior National Honor Society, as well as the college-bound program. In the college bound program, I learned how to be college ready. In my sophomore year, I was accepted into the ACE program where I attended college level classes while still going to high school. I will continue to peruse my education with good grades and volunteering in my community. With this scholarship, I will be able to continue my education, in order to fulfill my goal which is to become a registered nurse. Even Though I will be continuing my education I will still be helping my community through my church as well as outside of

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