NIKE Inc.: Case Study Of Nike Inc

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NIKE Inc. is a premium sport wear company which has contributed to the world sport industry for many years. The routine course for the success of NIKE is their culture of innovation which has leads them towards introducing innovative sport wear which would support the success of the sport man.
NIKE’s currently moving towards sustainable innovation where it would focus on reducing the cost of environmental pollution. NIKE considers transparency and accountability as critical success factors to their business and their approach towards sustainability (sustainable performance summary, 2013).
Under NIKE they two co-brands they are Hurly and NIKE Golf which will be reported under the NIKE Brand, While Converse result as a separate reporting segment. NIKE brand provide High quality athletes performance enhancing and sport inspired life style products such as footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories.
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NIKE products are sold in all countries around the world. The NIKE products are manufactured in more than 40 countries. NIKE has recruited 48 000 employees (include of seasonal and part time employees in more than 750 Retail store, 90 Administrative offices and 110 sales offices and showrooms.
The revenue for the financial year of 2013 was $25.3 Billion and expected to reach $30 Billion in 2015.
Mission statement
The mission statement of NIKE is "To bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world." The co-founder and the legendary university of Oregon track and field coach, Bill Bowerman says “if you have a body, you are an Athlete.” (, 2015)

Vision of NIKE
The long term vision of NIKE is to decoupling profitable growth from constrained resources.
They are hoping to integrate sustainability in every aspect of business with the aim of challenge, push and explore way of revolutionising the manufacturing, material and Design

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