My Year Of High School Essay

818 Words Nov 18th, 2015 4 Pages
A fresh start was needed. I just came off my worst year of high school; having almost failing English and having lackluster seasons for both cross country and tennis. I believed that my junior year would be the turning point in my high school sports “career.” I would need to train every single day to meet my expectations. My junior year has officially begun. Cross Country practice started before the school year began. I’ve just come back from a life changing trip to the Philippines, so I was emotionally drained. I decided to skip practice for a few weeks without notifying the coach. That decision changed everything. The day I decided to go to my first practice, I was rejected from joining the team. I was furious with the coach, trust me. But honestly, I was more furious with myself. I wasted two years of cross country to find out that I wouldn’t participate during my junior year. I needed something else to do. I decided to make something of myself. I read an announcement in the school’s morning bulletin announcing the start of varsity basketball tryouts. I discovered that one of my friends, Charles Maie has decided to try out. I thought, “Why not try it out myself?” It was the first day of tryouts. I went to the gym along with Charles and a very arrogant, Shawn Sibbaluca. Let’s go back a little, Shawn was the one who actually motivated me to try basketball out. I thought that if he was brave enough to try out, I would be able to do so as well. So we entered…

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