Personal Narrative: My Four Years Of High School

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Four years is a short span in the grand scheme of things, but my four years in high school have been some of the most formative in my lifetime. Entering into high school at the age of fourteen to where I am today, my persona has gone through a complete metamorphosis. My journey has been progressed by the loving hands of enablers that God has placed in my life who have given me advice and correction along the way. I have been blessed through countless opportunities and challenges in my high school experience. Entering high school changed my entire world. For the past two years, I had enjoyed perusing my choice of books, sports, and activities during my time as a homeschooler. In complete transparency, being thrown back into the sea of classrooms, teachers, and peers left me disoriented for a while. The adjustment from completing work on my own time, to spending eight hours a day in the classroom was difficult. However, I had the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular activities. Auditioning and playing in the All-State orchestra as a freshmen taught me perseverance and patience. Waking up at six in the morning, three days a week for seven months straight …show more content…
Education is what you make of it, especially when it comes to Christian education. You can be as involved in the ‘Christian’ aspect of your education as what effort you put into it. Christian education attempts to establish your perspective and worldview through Christ in all things. Christian education has taught me to see every situation from a Christian perspective. Also, Christian education has taught me that it is important to know what you personally believe. Even though, in a Christian school, we are all in the same ‘library’ there are people living in different ‘books’. Having a Christian education has taught me to listen to other’s perspectives, but to also have Biblical proof for my

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