My Writing The Career Search Essay

1236 Words Jan 25th, 2016 5 Pages
This semester I grew as a writer. I learned how to be a better writer and I used what I learned to improve my essays. To become a better writer you have to try hard, spend time in revising the essay, use proper sentence and paragraph structure, and it is also important to use different vocabulary words throughout the essay. Before this class, I did not like writing essays and I only wrote the essay’s that I was forced to write in my other classes. I did not enjoy writing in those classes because I was not learning or expressing my feelings about the topic and we mostly wrote essays about books. But, in this class I enjoyed writing some of the essays we have done. I liked writing the career search essay because I got to look into the job I want to go into and I learned a lot about it. I also enjoyed writing the argumentative essay because I got to express my feelings about a topic that I cared about. Besides intermediate composition, I have taken the standard English nine and tenth grade classes and I did not like the writing assignments in those classes. Since, I did not enjoy those classes I wanted to take an easier writing class my junior year, so I took this class. Coming into this class my writing skills were pretty average and I knew that basic rules to writing. Seeing that my skills were average, I needed to work more on the structure of paragraphs and add a wider variety of words into my essays and in this class I learned how to do that. The first essay we wrote this…

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