My Writing On Writing And Writing Essay

1323 Words Dec 13th, 2016 6 Pages
I struggle with writing papers. I do not enjoy writing papers. I have a difficult time “responding” to the prompt. I dislike writing papers because I believe my writing is weak. I have trouble addressing my audience when writing. I also struggle to find a direction in which my paper should lead. When I write papers, I attempt to focus on the main points of the prompt, but then I believe my paper lacks in other important areas. There are many different techniques when it comes to writing an essay and I am not sure how to incorporate these strategies when I begin writing. Even though I have these weaknesses, I continuously work to improve my writing. I have worked hard throughout this class to write the best papers possible, but I accept there is still much that needs to be improved. Writing papers is an important component of any class or career. Currently, I am taking advantage of every writing opportunity because I want to grow in my abilities as a writer. Writing is difficult but if I continue to work on my writing I will continue to grow. Over the course of this year my writing has improved tremendously. However, there are still areas that are opportunities for improvement.
When writing papers I struggle with constructing introductions. I find it difficult to introduce all of my thoughts and focus the rest of my essay. I always write a whole paragraph and then feel it is poorly written. Then, I attempt to go back and fix areas seeking improvement after the first draft.…

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