Essay My Writing On The Marine Corps

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Growing up, I used to hate writing with a deep passion. Fortunately, I understood the necessity of it, so I made sure in high school to take classes that would challenge my writing abilities. Not long after that, I found myself deciding that I would pursue a career as a photojournalist, and would be writing every day I worked while in the Marine Corps. I came into this course with a strong understanding of journalism-style writing and reporting. Now that I have taken this course, I have a more well-rounded understanding of other important essay styles.

While in training to become a journalist, I spent seven months learning a cookie-cutter method of newspaper writing and broadcast script writing. I was stationed in Okinawa, Japan immediately after training, where I learned the importance of not making mistakes in my writing. In a country where citizens have vastly different views than Americans, a poorly constructed article can be the breaking point in international relations. These skills helped me as I started this class, and reinforced my understanding of grammar and composition. For that reason, the idea of this class was exciting to me.

Thanks to the Marine Corps, I have grown to really love writing, and it has become something that now comes naturally to me. When presented with the different writing assignments in this class, I was challenged to move away from the journalism cookie-cutter style. I felt this challenge the most during writing assignment one. The style I…

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