My Stay At Home Mom Essay

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My stay at home mom teaches my older sister and me how to cook and clean for our future husband. Aside from getting my education, learning how to do housework is second important skill we need to have. My father does what a stereotypical man does, which is go to work, come home and has the remote in his hand the rest of the day. But I try to resist these lessons becoming more conscious about a woman 's role in being a marriage. Before my mother quit her job to be a fulltime housewife, she worked the second shift as described by Arlie Hochschild, which is after the workday the mother still works by doing housework and taking care of the children (Kouri, PPT, Second Shift power point presentation, Slide 6). At the time my mother had a low paying job as a maid and continued her work at cleaning at home though this time it was unpaid and had to struggle to maintain the house and take care of my sister who was toddler at the time. Although my father helped by working, he admitted to me that he didn’t help my mom with housework or taking care of my sister at all because he felt that it was her work as a mother and wife as many men identified in Hochschild research (Kouri, PPT, Second Shift power point presentation, Slide 11). This type of thinking led my mother to strain herself more than she needed to because he was taught that housework was women’s work. Hoshschild found that working mothers have more self-esteem compare to housewives (Kouri, PPT, Second Shift power point…

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