Essay on My Speech On Education And Sports

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I want to be a father because I want to have a child I can love and help grow up. I have no preference whether my child will be a girl or boy, more importantly I will do my best to show my love to all my children. Fatherhood in general has its ups and downs but I’m a very optimistic person that I can’t wait to be a father. I can see myself teaching my child about education and sports. I love soccer and plan introduce my child to the sport. If she or he does not have the same love for the sport as I do, I won’t be mad at all. However, I will make sure my child is involve in a sport or an activity so he or she become a well-rounded child. Throughout my life I had great experiences with children whether it’s babysitting or coaching. I had the opportunity to coach kids at the boys and girls club during the summers of my high school and college years. Due to a great program that took place at Wabash College called Step-Up and Coach which taught me how to be a coach and a leader. I also had experience in teaching children for a year at my parish where I had met children every weekend to teach them about communion. Throughout my life growing up I babysit my young cousins and young brothers. Words can’t express how much I surrounded myself with children and had great experiences with them. It is just a matter of time when finished graduating from college and a great paying career that I can plan to have my children. When I do become a father I will do my best to give resources for…

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