Two Traits That Make A Good Parent Essay

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1. What are two traits that make a good parent according to Dr. Tanya Byron?
A parent who does not worry too much. Parent who think like this often feel they are never good enough and it may effect their parenting if they don't know how to control their emotions. Secondely a parent who parent from their heart, they are instinctive. Building a fondation of love and care for a child is very important to thier development.
2. What are three common behavioral problems? If you were a parent, which behavioral problem, would you be most anxious about?
One common behavioral issue is a child's defiant, another is a lack of eating and a lack of sleeping. I would be most anxious about their defiant behavior because if they do not follow my directions it
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I also like to learn how to be a better parent so I am open to raising my children in different ways as long as they're safe. I would be willing to meet their basic needs and beyond so that they grow up to be productive.

1. There is a stereotype that men need to be older to enjoy fatherhood. When did the two men on the panel decide that they were ready for fatherhood?
Unlike the sterotypes of fatherhood Nick Turner and Tim Muggeam became fathers a little eairler in life. Nick Tunner became a father at age 33. Tim Muggeam decided that after he got married at 24 he eventually would want a family, but being able to see friends having kids.
2. The first six weeks of parenthood can be very stressful and was compared to "guerilla warfare" in the video. What did the men have to learn as new fathers? The new faters had to learn how to care for a baby, such as bathing and changing the babies diparer and getting everything they need how to carry a baby. They had to overcome some of the changes of careing for a new person in their life. New fathers create a better understanding of what the moms go

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