My Small Group Teaching Activity

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Date: I did my small group teaching activity on September 30th.
What subject did you teach? For the small group teaching activity, I conducted a literacy group. The literacy group was their leveled reading groups that the students do during their 90 minute read block each day. Usually, the students just read their book and then do a worksheet or reread the book again if they finish. Mrs. Werne usually just monitors and sits with a group. I was glad that I actually was able to conduct my own small group because I felt like they were actually learning something during this literacy group, rather than just reading the book and that was it.
How did you prepare to work with the group? I decided to look at the book before we read it. I looked
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I taught a science review to two of the 4th grade classes. The first time that I taught the lesson, I was a bit nervous because I hadn’t taught a whole group lesson yet in this class and I was worried about the behavior of the class.
How did you prepare to teach this lesson? Beforehand, I looked at the review sheet that Mrs. Werne had prepared to know what words and questions to go over. I also looked at the self-assessment in the book for the students to do at the end so that I knew the answers. I also looked at the vocab and background about rocks and minerals. I was there for most of the lessons about rocks and minerals, but I also looked up a little bit about it
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I think that I needed help with managing talking out because this happened a lot during the review and it was hard to control for both classes. Also, I think that I should have prepared some classroom differentiation because some of the students finished the self-assessment early, while others hadn’t even started on the first question yet. For students who finished early, I ended up just having them do more of the questions in the book. I am glad that I came up with this on the fly, but I wished that I had done a bit more thinking about this ahead of time. I also think that I should have addressed my own expectations before starting the lesson because many of the students had problems staying in their chairs. I think that if I would have gone over this before, I could have had fewer issues with this. What did you learn about teaching from this activity? From teaching this activity, I learned that it is hard to teach a review when some of the students know all of the answers, while other students do not know any of the answers. This is something that I wish I knew a little bit more about and hope to learn more about this. Also, it was hard to control the entire classroom for the entire 50

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