My Short Term Career Goals Essay

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What are my short-term career goals? What are my long-term career goals?
Planning a successful future will need to start with goal setting. A person greatest achievement did not come over night. I have always put goals in place and set to achieve them. When I say goals I mean accomplishment not too easy to obtain but a little challenging to appreciate the hard work. My short term goal to being successful both in the military and as a civilian is to obtain my Bachelor of Science degree this April 2015. Educations has always been a part of my development but to apply it towards a degree completion is hard work and dedication. My degree mean so much to me because I know I will have the knowledge and skills to help individual live a healthy and successful life.
My long term goals is to obtain my master degree in Health Care Administration. I always love working in the health field and once work as a certified nursing assistance before for joining the military. To understand the brains of the operation is what I am aiming for. I understood and enjoyed working at the lowest level making an impact caring for my patients. I will retire from the military in 5 years and will be ready to take on a different care path.
What are my objectives that I want to accomplish?
My objective in achieving my goals of accomplishment are to receive much knowledge as possible. I will take courses like personal trainer certification, another management course to ensure I am proficient. In the…

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