My Role As The Charge Nurse Essay

743 Words Nov 11th, 2016 3 Pages
Although my role as the charge nurse was brief, I enjoyed the experience. It was interesting to watch the morning rush from a different perspective; I also had the opportunity to help my peers locate their nurses to receive report. I felt that throughout the day people accepted my role but I often felt like I was pestering them for information, but I understood that it was important for me to stay on top of their patients’ current statuses. Having the opportunity to help my peers with patient care, focus their assessments and manage their time was a great experience. Having the ability to assist my peers and improve their quality of care helped me to feel comfortable in my role as the charge nurse. Although my charge day was somewhat stressful for my peers, due to the fact that it was their first day with two patients, I felt that giving them positive feedback and reinforcement alleviated some of their anxieties. Through my experience as charge I learned that giving feedback, both positive and negative, have the potential to improve the care provided to patients. Additionally, I provided my peers with reminders of when assessments, vitals and Accu-Checks were to be done, which helped to make the hectic day more organized. Shadowing the actual charge nurse on the unit, I was able to observe a report mid-day. The case manager, pharmacy services, doctor and nurses that are available meet and discuss the patients’ current statuses and any changes to their plan of care. It was…

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