Freshman Year Of High School Essay

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My biggest regret and failure in my life happened to occur during my freshman year of high school. I did not realize it then, but now I constantly think about all the things I could’ve done better and all the opportunities I missed out on. During that first year of high school, I created a terrible habit that stuck with me throughout my four years. I did not take school seriously at all. I depended on my friends and teachers for help, while I constantly chose my friends and social life over my grades. Although my consistent bad habits didn’t result in the worst grades ever. I just never really reached my full potential. Now that it is too late I have finally realized how much my actions are going to affect my future in many different aspects …show more content…
My parents had split, and during that time my interest in school and learning plummeted. The effects of my parents still had a huge impact on me throughout the first years of high school. This resulted in me not caring as much as I did before. As time went on I realized I could get by in school with little to no effort, my friends would almost always help out and take the extra workload on our group projects making things much easier on me. Teachers, well they made it even easier because I could call on them last second in the semester and they would come ready to help me tackle whatever task it was that I needed to get done. From my parents’ relationship, to my friendships and teachers I created terrible habits and more so a terrible attitude. I was never grateful for their help and positive attitudes when I without a doubt should’ve been. I began losing “friends” because I was so selfish and only wanted them to help with my school work. All of this occurred because I wasn’t sure how to handle my emotions. For a moment I began questioning many things including who I was, my self-worth, and what I’d become. I blamed it all on my parents split when in reality it was my attitude and outlook on life after the

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