All Year Round School Essay

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Should schools have balanced schedule or all year round schooling? No, there are many disadvantages to having a balanced calendar. Some of these reasons are it still takes about the same amount of time throughout the year to reteach information forgotten from breaks, it is hard to find a babysitter for short intervals of time rather than a big block of time with a high school student wanting a job, and lastly students having a summer job is almost completely eliminated.
The number one reason for school turning away from the balanced schedule is because the main reason they went to them is to reduce the learning curve (summer slide), where student forgot information over their 12 week break. When in reality after a number of 2 week breaks constantly throughout the year it it actually the same amount of time being retaught as before.
Students are also less likely to forget material over a
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Children/ young adult may no longer work on the family farm all summer but many do get summer jobs to prepare themselves for the world outside of high school. Also when students got out of high school they would have even less experience in trying to get a job, having one or even holding one. One might say that they could still have after school jobs but then they would not be able to do other activities such as sports, band, or even to get tutoring since they can no longer do that over the summer either. Lastly, job experience could help student get into college and would look good on a resume in the future and on a college application. “The traditional school calendar includes a lengthy summer break, allowing older students time to get a summer job. A modified calendar might not provide that same opportunity because students are only available to work for a short period of time, Scholastic states.”("The Pros and Cons of Year-Round

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