Essay on My Reflection On My Self Reflection

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My Self-Reflection When the assignment on writing an objective was given to me I started to feel nervous because I knew that objectives are meant to be accomplished. Then, when the micro lesson plan assignment was given I started to enjoy it because while typing out my lesson plan I imagined myself presenting the lesson. However, when the day of presenting arrived, I felt a mixture of feeling however, I tried to enjoyed it. After watching the video of my presentation, I learned that I have a long way to go before I can be called a teacher because even though my strengths were noticeable during my presentation, my weaknesses spoke louder. Yet, these weaknesses are areas of opportunity to better myself, which is why I have set personal goals for self-improvement to be where I want to stand as an educator. After watching myself giving the micro lesson, I noticed how well I did with nonverbal immediacy. I was smiling, getting closer to students, and had verbal tones. For example, I would change the tone of my voice depending on what I wanted the students to focus on and when I asked them a false question. This was shown when I changed my tone of voice when I asked, “after the butterfly 's eggs hatch if a flying butterfly comes out flying?”. That way, the student know that it is not true. Another strength that I noticed while watching my presentation, is the way I used incentives in the form of stickers and verbal praise to keep the student engaged in the activity. For example,…

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