Essay on My Reflection On My Educational Career

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Throughout my educational career, I observed and learned different techniques from my teachers that will influence my future classroom. These influential teachers impacted my educational career allowing me to become a more confident student as well as a future educator. These teachers critiqued, assisted, and encouraged me to reach my highest potential and my ultimate goal, becoming a teacher. As a previous elementary school student, I did not realize how much my teachers would have impacted my life until my senior year in high school in my teacher cadet course. I realized how much my teachers have impacted my growth in learning as well as who I have become. In elementary school, my fourth grade teacher, Mr. Morgan impacted my education by partaking in a variation of techniques, including hands on activities. As a student, I learned best when I asserted myself into the assignment. For example, Mr. Morgan thought of this brilliant idea of having a colonial living museum assigning each student to a colonial occupation including, craftsmen and candle makers. This assignment excited students and allowed them to learn in a different way. Mr. Morgan always went above and beyond to ensure his students would succeed. As a future teacher, I have learned those teachers who are personable and exceed expectations will inspire their students making a difference. During my middle school years, I had several teachers who impacted my love for learning and have truly inspired me…

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