Lessons Learned In My Writing

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My first assignment in my first college English course, Journal #1, really expressed how naive I was in writing formal essays. My first journal began with a cliché opening sentence “Nothing worth fighting or working for is going to be easy” (Rattotti Journal 1). My last essay, “Knowledge”, began with an appropriate introduction about my suitemates little sister, foreshadowing my feelings here at Quinnipiac. I am more conscious now of how I speak through my writing. I am more conversational with the prompt and explore both sides of an argument. I am more formal in my writing; I do not write how I speak. To become a better writer, I plan to read other essays and stem off of other author’s ideas. Whether it be how the author introduces a quote or concludes his writing, I believe reading more and more works of literature will help me become a more versatile writer. …show more content…
School is challenging and every student here trying their best to succeed. Another part of the larger academic project is going to college and taking many rigorous courses, while trying to balance your schedule, clubs, and friendships. Going to the library and going to class use a lot of energy and stress. The academic project is that you need to stay sane while balancing each section of your life that is trying to adjust. A goal of mine I would like to achieve by the end of the semester is balancing all my work and studying, without getting very overwhelmed. I would also like to have a good GPA by the end of the semester; with a high GPA I will have more confidence when going into next semester in

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