Reflective Essay: Directed Self-Placement Class

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In the past semester, I have grown as a writer holistically. Before I began my first-year English composition course, I wrote the DSP (Directed Self-Placement) test.The prompt was whether or not college is worth the investment for the current generation. When I read the instructions that the essay wouldn’t be graded, I knew I could write anything just for the sake of finishing the assignment. When I reread my DSP essay I realized the lack of effort I put into the writing. The syntax of the essay feels off, because of the constant tense changes. My stance on the topic, arguing whether or not a college education is a necessity, is ambivalent. I essentially wrote college is a good thing but it might not work out sometimes. I took the easy way out and summarized the information, instead of sincerely …show more content…
During high school, I did not know that academic writing could stray from the Schaffer method. Now that I have read and analyzed several essays regarding the five paragraph essay, I can consciously say that I’ve grown as a writer for no longer using that format. John Warner claims,“...opening them up to the world of ‘choice’ that confronts them when tackling ‘writing related problems’ that they face in college and beyond,” (1) is not achievable through the five paragraph essay. Warner argues that other forms of writing can guide students to effectively communicate their thoughts and choices. I see myself becoming more of an expert writer as I begin to adapt their qualities as described by Nancy Sommers. Expert writers value writing several drafts, developing their ideas, their audience, sentence structure, and accept that their writing is ever changing. Writing is not a linear process of pre-reading, writing, and revision. But rather writing as an expert is a constant loop of revision, writing, and preparing. I have begun to adapt this philosophy, not only in my English course but in all my

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