Reflection: My Experience As A College Level Writer

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Even though I strive to put out my best work for every assignment, I feel that my writing skills are unsubstantial. It seems like most students can look at a topic and know what to write, for me it takes copious amounts of time to even consider the starting point. I struggle especially with sticking to a topic and connecting with the material. If I cannot connect with the subject of the assignment, I have difficulty finding persistence. Additionally, I sense that my English classes have not fully prepared me to write at a college level, but have solely forced me stay at the high school level. I anticipate that I will learn the changes I need to make, expected for a college-level writer.
I acknowledge that I have a great deal of creativity
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I end up spending way too much time overthinking what to write, that it ends up not sounding as well as I know I am capable of. During my sophomore year, I had a teacher that I struggled with mostly because the focus was not on writing or grammatical skills but on group discussions over books/short stories and vocab tests. We barely ever had to write an essay freshman or sophomore year, so getting into higher level classes I did not acquire the necessary experience. English is an undoubtedly versatile subject with countless interpretations and I find it difficult to understand what I believe my audience would like. If I did not have a problem with over thinking, I would be a superior writer. The worst instance is when I am not into a subject, then the process takes even …show more content…
Though I am not able to write proficiently, my awareness level in reading has always been at a high standard. Reading has always been a large part of my life and is part of the reason for my creativity and intellect. I find it more enjoyable to read a passage and then write about a topic with various different viewpoints. Writing about a specific person or event is more simple to me rather than basing it off of my own opinion because I know that with specifics there is exclusively right answers and facts about them. I know that my reading ability has to potential to make me a great writer.
Reading and writing are essential components of going into college and most careers, so by adjusting my strategies early can benefit me for the future. Using my strengths of creativity, reading ability, and planning techniques can help me push through my weaknesses. Though I do not feel my previous classes have prepared me enough in writing essays, by working on my openness, persistence, and thought processes I can achieve a better mindset for

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