Essay On Orientation To College

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Orientation to College is a great course that I have taken this semester. I have learned a lot of things that I have been using on a daily basis and I can use in the future. This course has also made it easier for me to understand my other classes as well. My grades are one thing that I have been maintaining at an great average because of this course. I have learned to reflect and give my opinion about a topic that is being discussed. I know that this course is going to help me in the future and connect with my professors more.
When I first joined the course of Orientation to College I didn’t know what I was joining it for, I didn’t think that there was a purpose for this course. Boy was I wrong, I have learned to not judge a book by it’s cover but by what’s on the inside because that is what makes it a great book. If I had never taken this course I would probably be lost and needing a lot of help to guide me through college and my personal
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Everyone didn’t like to do their job, thanks to the professors of the course we were still able to get our assignments done. Team projects have shown me how to step up and be a leader. During the team projects I have learned how to work with others and meet them where they are at. The projects were a push and sort of a challenge, it was great to have the other classmates support and help with assignment. Orientation to College course have had a lot of great people come and present a lot of useful information and knowledge to me. One of my favorite presentation was hearing about the school history but my favorite person to present to me is Dr. Singingeagle. I loved his presentation as he talked about the Indian tribe he is from, he also has a funny sense of humor and is a great person, I questioned him a lot about his presentation. This course has not only taught me to examine others but examine myself also. I have learned a lot about myself this

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