My Purpose For Pursuing A College Education Essay

1126 Words Jul 29th, 2016 null Page
Growing up with two parents that are extremely successful yet have no college education is remarkably intimidating. When I was young, I would witness my parents effortlessly put food on the table while also providing so much more for our family without an ounce of college education. To hear the laughter and joy in our family made me think as a child that growing up would be a breeze, I sure was in for a rude awakening. It 's not like it once was back in their day of not needing a higher education in order to achieve a well-rounded career, so in order to follow in their footsteps of having a substantial career, I am going to need to a college education. My purpose for pursuing a college education is to begin a career that will allow me to help others while also satisfying my parents expectations. By getting an early start at the age of 17, I not only see this as an opportunity to reach my goal quicker, but to begin my journey of life sooner.
As I begin my college courses, I am starting to realize this is no joke and I need to be successful in these classes for it can affect my future in achieving the career I want to pursue. As a dual enrolled student, it is also very important I do so because the grades I get this year at NIC, will transfer back as grades at my high school so I can receive my diploma. I had always thought high school would be the hardest schooling I would be involved in because of popularity, sports, and partying. Once I arrived on my first day of high…

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