My Philosophy Of Education

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I consider myself to be among the highest caliber of students and I feel as though I am adequately prepared to take on the rigors of college classes. I believe I will excel when presented with this new task and challenges that may come with it. I think my unique outlook on schooling will allow me to set a high standard of performance for myself. Dual enrolling is just a stepping stone on my journey to achieve academic greatness, as I have big plans for my own future. I am confident that, no matter the stresses that await me either this coming year or years to come, my character and commitment will see me through. Like other top high school students advancing to the college level, I value learning. Education is a gift of free society and one to take advantage of, no matter what you 're involved with. If one takes schooling seriously, the knowledge acquired during those short years could serve you for a lifetime. Something that I have discovered recently is that education may not be the material itself; though the classes you take are without a doubt are beneficial. If you can …show more content…
My character is the core of my being and gives me a value system unique to the secular world. I am proud of my resolve and if I commit to something I am all-in, put simply. If i begin an endeavor I will give one-hundred percent effort. On the other side, if I am not involved then just like that, I focus my energies elsewhere. My family(particularly on my father 's side) has long-standing tradition of industrious men, and I believe that is where I get my some of my character. For example my father starting working when he was twelve, behind a residential garbage truck. Now, even in his 40s, he works 80-hour weeks just like his father before him. He does this to support my large family and put food on the table for us. This is the example of diligence and love I am given; and I choose to follow

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