My Philosophy Of Becoming An ESL Teacher

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I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined myself being an ESL teacher. That was never the plan. But Guatemala changed me in ways that are indescribable. It was there that I found that teaching English as a Second Language is my passion. I am now starting on the journey of becoming a degree certified ESL teacher. I dream of continuing to teach ESL abroad and in the United States.
First I fell in love with Guatemala, then I fell in love with Javier. I had decided before I met Javier that I wanted to stay in Guatemala. I loved everything about it. The fireflies, the chaos, the volcanoes. The way they would cram 100 people on a little bus. The way the native Mayans had gold teeth, and the beauty of the Spanish language. I had bought a one-way ticket to Mexico two months prior and ended up travelling down to Guatemala to stay with
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This is what I love and what I am good at. There is nothing better than seeing my students improve. I find great joy in bridging the gap between Latin and North American culture. There is never a class that goes by that isn’t full of giggles. I love hearing about my student’s lives. I love hearing them correct their own mistakes. I love knowing that my students will be able to get better-paying jobs and have better opportunities for themselves and their families because of their English speaking abilities.
I decided that if I want to be taken seriously as a professional I had to start working towards a degree. I want to be the best possible teacher I can be.
To become a certified ESL teacher, I must first earn a bachelor 's degree. I believe I will work towards a dual degree in teaching and Spanish. I am starting on that path by attending LBCC with the goal of earning an Associate 's of Arts transfer degree. Eventually, I may decide to get a masters degree if I want to teach ESL at a community college (since I know I prefer working with

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