Military Leadership Analysis

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My perspective of what it means to be a man and leader has changed significantly over these past few years. Every aspect that I associated with being leader either came from books that I have read, coaches, teachers, or my family. Most of these people practiced a management style than actually leadership, a quid pro quo approach. In fact that is why I leaned towards coming to the United States Naval Academy. I have read many military stories of great leaders, John Basilone and Jack Lummus to name a few that had the ability to inspire and encourage men to follow them into great success no matter the odds. Those are the people I want to work for and with, because I strive to do my best in all that I do. Before I could do this though, I first needed to learn what it meant to follow, to see what works and what doesn’t.
Plebe summer was my first experience of real leadership and my first time in the military
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I want to go up for squad leader during one semester, because I feel like this is the best position to interact with your peers and underclassmen. One of my goals as a squad leader is to help the plebes transition into the academy life. I feel like this wasn’t done very well for my class, so I would like to fix that. Also, I want to make sure my squad mates to know that I am there for them no matter what. I’ve had eight squad leaders now and there are only a few that I actually remember, and those are the ones that I knew where available. Lastly, I hope I can transform some portion of their lives. I know that this is a little idealistic and it is impossible to expect all of my squad to remember me or my leadership philosophy, but if I can impact just one I’ll be happy. I want to show them what a competent and dependable leader is like. Whether that is by doing actually six and twelve week counseling or helping struggling squad mates in academics or in the physical

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