Application Essay: I Want To Be A Good Leader

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A normal person might strive to be average, to be the okay for the moment and never truly use their full potential. For a normal person, being in a leadership position can sometimes be too hard, complicated, and stressful if they are not dedicated or prepared. Each of these factors can discourage many people, people who have the potential but not the training or motivation to hold a position of leadership. I, however, believe that I have the potential, the training, and the motivation to do something amazing as the VP of District Four.
As I stated, every person has the potential to be a leader, though some stand out more than others. Brought up in a household full of encouraging voices and inspiring stories, I believe that I was raised to be
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Just saying that I am a good leader should not make me one if I cannot show it and put my ideas in to action, and I cannot commit to an idea that I am not motivated about. Motivation is one of the main keys to being productive and successful, which is what makes me a prime candidate for leadership. I want to be able to motivate the people that I lead as I motivate myself. I would like to give people a reason to be successful, a reward for their hard work. This can be anything. For some people, a pat on the back and a certificate is enough, but for others, this is not the case. To increase attendance and participation in DECA, I would like to motivate members to try their hardest and to have reason to grow in their abilities, rather than just go through the motions of competing and attending. To do this for myself, I set up goals and reward myself in small ways when I reach and exceed them. This method, applied and carried out through DECA, would help every dedicated member within DECA flourish and develop beyond what they thought they could. Motivation is key, and is definitely a strength that I would like to bring into

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