My Personal Statement On My Career Essay

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I was thinking about someone who always helped me a lot and made me to read books and write essays often. Someone I can think of who taught me to read or write that I was grateful because I was learning a lot about read or write. Her name is Beth Williams and she was the one who taught me a lot and made me improve my reading and writing skills. I love her as my favorite teacher in my school because Ms. Williams was always support me whatever I need help and make sure I stayed to focus on my academic to make it my goal to become successful in my future.
Beth Williams was my middle/high school English teacher in St. Mary’s School for the Deaf school that one who taught me to read or write in 2006 to 2012. She has blonde hair, average height about 5’6”, humor, intelligent, gentle, good heart for kids, support, friendly, caring, responsibility, lovable, and always wear dresses all the time but sometimes, she wore jeans or skirt with the blouse shirt. Ms. Williams was a very good teacher because she explained patently to make sure we understand 100%, she always helped, respect us and always make sure students to pass class to get good grades. Ms. Williams encouraged students to go to college to become successful in our future. She always helped me to understand reading better and writing essays/summary to help me to improve better grammar by she made me memorize all vocabulary I should learn and practice on grammar most time. My teacher Beth Williams gave me the tests of…

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