My Own Personality, Values, And Skills Essay

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Understanding your own personality, values, and skills is an important step in evaluating work place behavior. Through my own personal experience and research I am able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the personality type, extravert, intuitive, thinking and judging (ENTJ), NT temperament and the impact my type has on my life as a manager. Using the Pearson Self-Assessment Online Library, I discovered I am pretty even across the board when it comes to leadership, and organizational change. However, when it comes to communication there are a lot of low points that could use improvement. The self-assessment tool is a tool used to help students understand their individual personalities. Finally, knowing your own personality types can help you reduce conflict, resolve problems, and help a person become a more productive leader, supervisor and employee in the workforce.
Project 2: Self-Assessment 03P2Brewer
As a supervisor, I have always wanted to know how my personality effects myself and the people I supervise. For this assignment, I was tasked in analyzing myself through a series of self-assessments, gathering the information provided and applying it to my own characteristic traits. I will examine the self-assessment as well as my own personality to further my education about myself and study the information to make myself a better supervisor, leader and employee.
Part 1
What About Me?
The findings in this first section gave me great insight…

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