Personality Traits In Nursing

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Personality Traits As a healthcare professional, certain nurses will have personality traits in which can influence their leadership style. Working in a fast pace environment as a nurse and being able to multi-task as a leader can become very challenging. You will have to consider your personality traits as well as the staff in which you are supervising. While considering these factors, the leader goal is to direct the staff in meeting the mission of their organization or company. After completing the personality test online called human metrics jung topology test, I was able to discover the type of leadership style and traits in which I possess. Learning about my personality traits, has given me a range of my abilities and how well I …show more content…
According to the human metrics jung topology test, my personality type is ENFJ. There are several strengths in which I will identify according to my personality type. First, I will focus on the strength with my communication skills. “In essence, effective communication skills are essential for effective leadership” (Grossman & Valiga, 2009, p.10). The ENFJs personality type are gifted with their communication skills. They are very good at influencing and persuading other people to accept their way of thinking. I believe this would be a good trait to have as a leader, especially when there are problems identified in the work area. The leader can examine the problem, come up with a solution to the problem and persuade the staff to go along with their idea or solution to the problem. Second, ENFJs personality type are very good at gaining trust from other people. I believe in order to be an effective leader, the staff has to trust your knowledge or ability to make a profound decision for the betterment of the particular organization or company. Third, ENFJs personality type are very energetic, willing to help others, and are always willing to join in on a conversation. “Effective leadership can promote a satisfying and productive work environment in which staff members positively contribute to the success of the organization” (Feltner, Mitchell, Norris, & Wolfle, 2008, p. 363). I believe as an effective leader, having positive energy in the work area, will help boost the moral in the environment. The wiliness to help others is an important factor to have as a leader. Helping the people in which you lead, will help you become a better leader within the organization. Finally, ENFJs personality type are always willing to join in on a conversation with other people ("Personality test based on C. Jung and I. Briggs Myers type theory," n.d.). Having this

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