My Motivation For Pursuing A Degree Comes From Within Myself Essay

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My motivation for pursuing a degree comes from within myself. I have gone through many ups and downs with my academic career. Presently being in the area of accounting has helped me develop for my part. I do not have much experience in the accounting department, making every day a studying opportunity. Having this favorable circumstance allows me to have a head start with work experience. Working with my current company has given me the motivation to further my education in the accounting department so I could have bigger possibilities and the option to move onto larger companies.
Straight out of high school, I knew I was not ready to go right into college, although my parents had other plans. In the beginning there were transportation issues, my most effective option was taking the public bus, which I used to be continually getting misplaced and harassed, making it harder to have the motivation to attend class when I knew I did not want to be there. Once I turned eighteen, I was offered a full time career, postponing my academic career to acquire a purpose of purchasing an automobile. Once I purchased a car, I enrolled in community college. At the beginning of the semester I felt I was adjusting to my new schedule well. I was then offered more hours, to speed up the process of moving up at my job. I ended up withdrawing again to focus any extra time I had on my future career.
An educational opportunity came my way to attend the Art Institute on a full scholarship through…

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