Personal Narrative: My Return To College

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Making the decision the return to college was one of the most difficult of my life. Multiple factors have affected my chose cost, time, and life issues to name a few. However, when it came down to it, the reasons for why I was returning won the day. My motivations were ultimately the most important influence in making such an important decision. Were my desires relevant, sustainable, and/or achievable. After reflection and planning, I believe my motivations for choosing to go back to college are not only relevant but will ultimately contribute to my success in completing my degree.
The major reason I want to pursue my degree is because I value myself enough to make the investment. Throughout my career, I have invested my time and energy into
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I can intend, hope, and wish, but without a plan, I am far less likely to succeed. SNHU provides multiple resources to help me. Time is my greatest worry and motivator, therefore completing my degree in a timely manner will keep me motivated. So far I have spoken with my advisor and come up with a strategy to complete my degree in a year. I have set comprehensive goals in order to do this. Knowing what I need to do and when I need to do it will keep me on track. I am using my organization skills to help meet the small goals that will lead to the larger one. Attending college for me now is part of my life. By incorporating my education into my life it eliminates the feeling of having an additional burden. Focusing and planning for the reward of achieving my degree is will pave the way for my future.
Motivations are a significant part of all parts of life. They drive us, inspire us, and in some cases discourage us. Through reflecting on my motives for I feel more confident in my decision to get my degree. I know it won’t be easy but when I do graduate I will see how I turned motivation into action, a wish into a goal, and a goal into an

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