My Motivation For Becoming A Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner

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a.) I write this letter to indicate my interest in pursuing the Master in Nurse Practitioner program at your University. My motivations for wanting to become a Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner are as follows; advancing my education into a master’s level will increase my ability to excel in job or career is one of the reasons for considering graduate education. The new skills and knowledge I will gain from my graduate education can improve my ability to do my best work and better position myself for more opportunities for advancement in my career. Graduate school can be a good place to network with professionals from a range of fields, and it will provide with the opportunity to immerse fully in nursing skills (Action Without Borders, 2016). The graduate school will help put my eyes on the future, seeing the further study as an investment in my potential. My application for the Master’s in Nurse Practitioner is motivated by the following considerations: I will be able to gain additional education in health assessment, diagnosis, and management of illnesses and injuries, including prescribing drugs. As I have been able to develop excellent skill in the nursing profession 's values, knowledge, theories, and practice, thereby I will be able to complement other health care providers and work in a collaborative approach. Being a Family Nurse Practitioner will allow me to expand my role, and better serve my patients. My goal is to connect with patients to a level that can…

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