My Most Memorable Vacation From New York Essay examples

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My most memorable vacation was a trip to Florida with two of my best friends a few years ago. They were both moving halfway across the country soon, so we decided to splurge on one last trip together. We drove all the way to Florida from New York. It took nearly 24 hours of driving, but we finally made it. We visited Disney World, Universal Studios, and the beach because we had never been to any of those places before. Our vacation was filled with thrills, some disappointment, and ended on a tranquil note.
Our visit to Disney World was disappointing for me, but I will cherish it because I got to experience it for the first time with both of my best friends. When we first got there, I immediately noticed how much it is geared toward small children. To a child, the characters such as Mickey Mouse and Snow White seem real. Cinderella’s castle seems giant and magical. However, to an adult like myself the characters were obviously fake because I know that Mickey Mouse is just a person in a costume and Snow White is just a woman with a short black wig and makeup. I thought Cinderella’s castle was underwhelming because it seemed small and looked like it was made of plastic instead of looking like a real castle. The magic of Disney World was lost on me. The next disappointment of Disney World was the food. The quality of the food didn’t match its insanely high price. Getting a burger and fries in the park cost two to three times more than just getting McDonald’s and did not taste…

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